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Azula's Revenge Wiki was created to show more detail of the new Fanon series Azula's Revenge. Note: This site is Fanon it will not be shown on T.V.

Production History of AREdit

I originally thought of this series while watching Sozin's Comet part 4, and I thought to myself, "What if Azula came back, and what if she was worse?"

I thought it through and came up with the idea of azula wanting to avenge the loss of the war. I cleverly came up with the title Azula's Revenge. I decided to write it all on paper. I am now transferring it all to the pages. I wanted to create a Fanon that would be fun and easy to read so that people wouldn't get board. And so far I think I have done a good job.


The MissionEdit

Return of Team AvatarEdit

The Battle for Kyoshi IslandEdit

Race to the Northern Water TribeEdit

The HuntEdit

Journey to Ba Sing SeEdit

Battle for Ba Sing SeEdit

One Month LaterEdit