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Azula's revenge is a series that takes place ten years after Avatar: The Last Airbender .

Production HistoryEdit

I originally thought of this series while watching Sozin's Comet part 4, and I thought to myself, "What if Azula came back, and what if she was worse?"

I thought it through and came up with the idea of azula wanting to avenge the loss of the war. I cleverly came up with the title Azula's Revenge. I decided to write it all on paper. I am now transferring it all to the pages. I wanted to create a Fanon that would be fun and easy to read so that people wouldn't get board. And so far I think I have done a good job.


In the World of the Avatar, everyone seems to be happy. Aang has married Katara and moved to the Northern Air Temple where he is the leader of the new Air Nomads . Zuko married Mai and and lead the new Fire Nation into an area of peace. He has even found his mom Usra. Toph is the new Queen of Omashu after King Bumi died. Sokka married Suki and moved to Kyoshi Island . And after nine years at the Boiling Rock Ozai died in his cell. Everyone is happy. Except for one person, and she wants revenge.

Main CharactersEdit

The main characters are

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"I love this fanon! You always have a good storyline and plot. One of the best fanons."-Avatarstate717

"VJavatar Wow! Your fanon is amazing it's dramatic and like an action show without the TV! Please write more" -Airnomad2

"Its pretty boring"- Anonymous user

"That's messed up when they die"- Anonymous user

So Far the reception to the series has been mixed, with some people loving it and others not liking it. Some people such as Toph 11 and Airnomad2 love this series and can't wait for me to write more. However some anonymous users and some users do not like it. I (VJavatar) do not care due to the fact that I like it. (Note If you write comments, I might put it in this section.)