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The Battle for Kyoshi Island pt. 2: Zulan

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The Battle for Kyoshi Island pt. 2 is the fifth chapter of Azula's Revenge and is written by VJavatar


Battle with Zulan Edit

Azula had fled, but she would be back. She clearly needed to work on her firebending. However Zulan was a master and he wasn't going down without a fight. Katara would freeze him and he would break free. Toph would chuck rocks the size of houses and he would break them in half. When Zuko and Aang arrived they saw that they were in trouble. Zuko told everyone to back off.

"He's mine." Zulan smiled.

He was the only one Zulan wanted dead. He had no intention of starting a new war. He wanted revenge. Revenge for the death of Ozai. Zuko blasted him and and Zulan stopped it. Zulan would fire and Zuko would stop it. They went on like this for an hour. Just as it seemed that Zuko gained the upper hand Azula reappeared. And she was here to help. Meanwhile, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and now freed Suki went to go free the other citizens held in Town Hall. As soon as they got there they heard a blood curling scream. It was from Zuko. He had been hit by a lighting bolt from Azula after redirecting one from Zulan. This one was worse then the first time he was hit. Katara ran toward him while Aang covered for her, stalling Azula and Zulan. Katara reached Zuko and began to heal him. Aang stop to see a horrifying sight. Zulan had seen that Katara was trying to heal him and decided to stop her. He shot lighting at her. It was not a direct hit so it wouldn't kill her, but Zuko and her needed some major medical help. Extremely angry, Aang entered the Avatar State. Azula and Zulan retreated. Aang exited the avatar state and began to cry over the barely alive Katara and Zuko. There was only one chance they could survive. They had to go to the Northern Water Tribe so that their healers could heal them both.